Fandom and Intellectual Property

Fandom means when fans create things for their most favorite musician, film, and hobbies or in simple words something of interest to them. What is a fan? A fan is someone who will go into more depth about something that he/she is particularly interested in.

 Whether fan creations though, belong to the fans that created it or to the original author is a large debate.

 When a fan makes a video about his favorite movie and uploads it on YouTube then he or she is simply showing appreciation of the creator of the movie. Not only, but it is free marketing and advertising as well. The intellectual property of the characters and universe that the fan fiction is centered on though, belongs to the creator of the original work. Copyright additionally defends and protects the author’s works. You cannot sell fan fiction using somebody else’s “invention” and it is as simple as that. Some authors go as far as forbidding their fans to write fan fiction based on their work.   

 Fan fiction cannot be published. The copyright issues surrounding fan fiction are complicated, but the one thing that everyone seems to agree on is that making a profit from fan fiction is a abuse of intellectual property. It is like building a house on someone else’s land. I believe that non-profit fan fiction is legal, but the copyright owners do not always agree and they do everything they can to bring their warning down on us. An example is Anna Rice.

“The wildly popular Anne Rice, author of Interview with the Vampire is one of those authors who is famously and unapologetically against — even offended by — the idea of fan-fiction. On her website, she writes “I do not allow fan-fiction. The characters are copyrighted. It upsets me terribly to even think about fan-fiction with my characters. I advise my readers to write your own original stories with your own characters. It is absolutely essential that you respect my wishes”.” (



Temple, E (2012) “Abusing the People of Westeros: Famous Authors on Fan fiction” [online] available here: (last accessed 10th of May 2012)


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