Is Cross Platform Marketing Effective?

What is Cross Platform Marketing?


Cross Platform marketing is a wider form of traditional marketing through a variety of new media. It inspires interactivity and goes into more depth instead of just standing in front of the television watching or reading the advertisement. Sometimes it is even seen as entertainment instead of just advertisements.

 There are a lot of reasons why nowadays cross platform marketing is more encouraged.  Firstly it is a lot cheaper than traditional advertising. It can be easily spread and faster by the use of “word of mouth”.  It allows the practice of more fun techniques , if there is a targeted audience there is an immediate engagement with the fans that wouldn’t be possible to reach that huge amount via traditional marketing.

 A prime example and most probably the most successful one is the film “The Blair Witch Project”.  The film’s budget was just 30 thousand dollars  and the way they chose to advertise it was through cross platform marketing. For example the website that was up and running a year prior to the film release. It successfully made 140.5 million dollars in US alone and 250 million dollars worldwide ( , 1999). Using that method the blair Witch Project managed to forma realistic aesthetic making it better than a traditional movie marketing campaign and it engaged a lot with the fans.

 In an Interview that Jonathan Gray had with Henry Jenkins he was asked, “why and in what ways do such materials (trailers and cross platform marketing) shape our experience of films and television programs?” Grey responded that all of us have seen thousands of trailers and we often hear evaluations of film form the people around us before it even releases on the big screen. That is because even through that short period of time in the trailer you learn something about the characters and the plot and you can judge whether it is good or bad. “Whether they can identify with them, about the genre of the film, about the kind of world that it’s set in. In short, they’re getting a pre-view of the film’s basic components, and it’s thus being constructed as a meaningful entity for them. When the film finally comes along, it doesn’t begin with a fresh slate; rather, its viewers have a history with it. They’ve come with expectations, with engagements with certain characters, and with an idea of how to make sense of it.” (Gray, Jenkins, 2012,


The Blair Witch Project (1999) Dianie Myrick.  (Last accessed 10th of May 2012)

Jenkins, Henry (2010) On Anti-Fans and Paratexts: An Interview with Jonathan Gray (Part Two) [online] available here: (Last accessed May 10th 2012.)


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