Media Convergence.

What is Media Convergence? 

Because of the development of technology some different types of media for example Television Radio computer Newspaper etc. are coming together into one single media form. For example if we take television and the computer technology, both are becoming the same thing very fast. You can watch TV on you laptop and a lot of television broadcasters can use the information on the Internet. 

In Convergence Culture: When Old and New Media Collide (2006), Henry Jenkins states that:

“…convergence represents a cultural shift as consumers are encouraged to seek out new information and make connections among dispersed media content” (2006: p3).

That is true as people are encouraged to develop their minds and seek out more information instead of relying on one specific source of information. As Jenkin states that, by making connections among dispersed media content , people will be more educated and more informed. They will have plenty of resources to understand and critique which source is the most reliable. 

Jenkins goes onto to suggest that:

Convergence does not occur through media appliances, however sophisticated they become. Convergence occurs within the brains of individual consumers and through their social interactions with others (2006: 3).

People are influenced by each other and that is how media convergence happens. Using new media is a way of life now as all people follow the new developments. Social Interactions, “word of mouth” is the prime reason why convergence happens. 



-Jenkins, Henry (2006) Convergence Culture: When Old and New Media Collide, New york : New York University Press. 


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