Transmedia or Marketing?

What is Transmedia?


“…different media and languages participate and contribute to the construction of the transmedia narrative world.” (Scolari, 2009)

a particular narrative structure that expands through both different languages (verbal, iconic, etc.) and media (cinema, comics, television, video games, etc.).” (Scolari 2009)


Many people find themselves comparing transmedia narratives with cross platform marketing. There are some similarities but they are not entirely the same.


Transmedia is about telling parts of the exact same narrative in altered media. It is not just about providing costumers a different approach into the same world; it is a different viewpoint into the same narrative. Whereas Cross platform marketing is not expanding the narrative , it is just advertising it in different platforms. Both of them though do it for money input.

Both transmedia narratives and cross platform marketing accomplish to give a further understanding of the “product” and they inspire fans to get involved more.


Scolari, Carlos Alberto, 2009, ‘Transmedia Storytelling: Implicit Consumers, Narrative Worlds, and Branding in Contemporary Media Production’, International Journal of Communication, Vol.3 P. 586-606


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