Does online journalism make consumers more analytical of their news media?’

Journalism is shifting to engage consumers more as active members and less as passive users. Online journalism can be accessed at any time, anywhere nowadays with the development of technology.

 In past years in order to access the news we had to wait until night time to watch them through television or from buying the newspaper every morning. The ways that technology has developed has helped the consumers to be able to access any information they wish at anytime,  faster. It has made it easy for the consumer to access only information they are interested in and avoid news that are not of interest.

Nowadays, because consumers are more free to make their own choices because of the many materials that are being provided to them, they develop a more critical mind as to what they will believe and rely on. Online journalism offers the consumers the ability to comment and put across their views and beliefs. Not only they can comment on several journal posts but they can form an idea from reading other comments from other readers as well.  

TheMediaHouse (YouTube)- What are the advantages of Online Journalism? –


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