Film on DVD

DVD releases have been popular for a long time now. They do not remain the same as they constantly evolve trying to find new ways to keep up the enthusiasm.

 The film I have chose to discuss is Memento . Memento is a puzzle film, where you have to be good with memory. It is the type of film that you have to watch it more than one time to fully understand what is going on.

The film “Memento” is most appropriate to the DVD presentation, which gives you plenty time and opportunity to go deeper and study the film more taking scene by scene, to analyze the mystery and see how its bits fit together. This is a DVD that requests many viewings and it provides a new viewng experience every time you watch it.

The special edition DVD comes with 2 disks. At the beginning of the first dsc , you are given a memory test. A series of words are presented to you, and you have to remember those words n order to be able to go through the main menu, which is a test of text memorizing. You may think that this memory game is just annoying, but it really gets you excited for the film.

There is a commentary from the director Christopher Nolan which is filled with sneak peaks into how the film was made and the meaning of the film. For me, watching the steps of production of a film that I loved , makes me want to appreciate all the effort that was put into it.

The second disc continues to have the memory games and keeps the same atmosphere of mystery only this time you had combine some forms of code in order to access some of the special features.

A very exciting special feature was the director’s script, which let you see the full explained shooting script as the film was playing. You could use your button to change from the script to the film.

Hidden inside the second disc there is the “chronological order” type of the film. It is called the “Clock” feature and it give you the chance to see Memento restructured in its chronological order.

The design of the Memento Special Edition DVD package improves the drive of the film and changes the whole experience of the film. People who are into games will never want to stop watching it as it become quite addictive.



Memeno (2000), Christopher Nolan


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