How have media convergence, gaming and traditional media intersected?

“ We are living in an age when changes in communications, storytelling and information technologies are reshaping almost every aspect of contemporary life — including how we create, consume, learn, and interact with each other. “ (Henry Jenkins, Unknown)

 Media Convergence as I talked in a previous blog has changed a lot our everyday lives. A part of what it changed was gaming as well. Users now with the introduction of web 2.0, they have the opportunity to interact with other users online and not only play online with someone in another country but interact with each other and share opinions.

There is online support created for games such World of “Warcraft “ and there are online stores such as the PlayStation online store and the Nintendo’s Virtual Console.

In may case people use user generated content, mostly on YouTube by creating their own stories such as “The Sims” and by recording their high scores playing the best they can in order to show it off on YouTube. There is interaction with other gamers online as they capture their tricks and the game keeps on going. 

In old times you just had the console or the computer to play the game without the online world that now exists. It was solely just the gamer and the game. The only way two players could play with each other was by using the same console with two remote controls.

Users are able to accesses old games through new online media websites by downloading it etc.  Game have now expanded from single formats and have reached a wider audience.

 If we take “Memento” by Christopher Nolan, a puzzle film can be considered as a form of gaming as it needs a very strong and concentrated mind , people have to figure out throughout the whole film what is going on due to being unstructured. They can understand after a while that black and white scenes are in chronological order, whereas the colored scenes are not. These is a form of media convergence.





Jenkins, Henry, (unknown) “Media Convergence” [online] available here: [last accessed 11th of May 2012]


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