What is new Media?

What is New Media?

-New media are defined as interactive types of communication using mostly the internet. Some examples are: text messaging, social networks e.g: Facebook, blogs, virtual worlds, podcasts etc.New Media makes it possible for everyone to produce, adapt and share it with other people by the use of simple tools that are often free or inexpensive. New media needs a mobile device with Internet access or a computer.

Nobody realises how much our lives have changed since the emergence of new media. Looking back 10 years ago you will see a drastic change in our way of life. I remember when i was little I didn’t have a mobile phone and we only had one computer in our house. I used to play outside with my friends until the sun went down and I remember when my parents waited until eight o’clock at night to watch the news. Nowadays small children have mobile phones from a very young age, we have the social networks where we can interact with long distance friends and family, we can access anything we want at anytime we want with just a click. My parents now don’t have to wait until 8 o’clock to watch the news, they get updates automatically through social network websites , iPhone apps  and electronic newspapers.

So the main question is -” Is new media good for us?” – It’s both good and bad at the same time. It depends on how it is used or abused.

It can deliver us present information and issues from all around the world but also cause unwanted problems like arguments or false information from unreliable sources.


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Over the next few months I will be updating this blog with comments and reflections on new media and related subject matters!

-Eleni Trivyzadaki